Woocommerce Extensions

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WooCommerce Review for Discount 1.6.19

Download ‘WooCommerce Review for Discount’ GPL allows you reward reviewers with discount coupons. Review for discount lets you offer discounts to shoppers who provide reviews for products to drive repeat purchases upsells and new sales. Auto-create coupons for customers who review products in your WooCommerce store redeemable at checkout. Generate and email coupon codes automatically at the time of a review to your users.

WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers 3.12.3

Download ‘WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers’ GPL allows you create customizable PDF vouchers for store or online redemption. Connect online store to physical business offer printable gift certificates in person online events or for free gifts and more.

WooCommerce PayPal Pro 4.5.0

Download “WooCommerce PayPal Pro” GPL allows you users can pay via their credit cards using PayPal gateway. PayPal Pro can easily be integrated with your WooCommerce store and will handle all the credit card transactions on your website. The payment process is very sleek and users do not have to leave the store website.

WooCommerce PayPal Advanced 1.24.12

Download "WooCommerce PayPal Advanced" GPL allows you PayPal Advanced is a perfect solution for your payment gateway needs. It accepts payments from PayPal and other sources like credit cards and debit cards including 'bill me later' option for supported countries. The integration of the plugin is very easy and the payments are completely handled by PayPal so you do not need an SSL certificate in your web store.

WooCommerce Paypal Adaptive Payments 1.1.11

Download “WooCommerce Paypal Adaptive Payments” GPL allows you Paypal Adaptive Payments is an advanced payment feature which allows the customer to split the payment to many receivers. This may be useful where the ordered products are provided by different sellers or there is some type of commission to be paid to another person in addition to the seller.

Payment Gateway Based Fees 3.1.6

Download “Payment Gateway Based Fees” GPL allows you to enable/disable additional fees for the entire website or a single gateway or product. Automatic calculation and manual fee options available. Customize fees with tax support.