Envira Gallery Elementor Addon 1.1.0

Sofia Conde

Download "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" GPL allows you to create, edit and synchronize your image and video galleries directly within the Elementor page builder. Easier and faster, so you'll have more time to take pictures and edit!
Envira Gallery Elementor Addon
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Envira Gallery Elementor Addon 1.1.0

Original description of Envira Gallery Elementor Addon 1.1.0

Elementor Addon for Envira Gallery allows you to easily create edit and sync your image and video galleries directly inside the Elementor page builder. That means a more streamlined workflow less hassle and more time spent photographing and editing.

Review of Envira Gallery Elementor Addon 1.1.0

Everything I know about "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" and its latest version :)

If you have Wordpress and you use "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" - attention this is interesting for you! It turns out that Envira Gallery Elementor Addon is an addon that allows you to create edit and synchronize your image and video galleries easily within the Elementor page manager. Awesome no (Envira Gallery) . You can design your galleries without having to leave Elementor, do you know what it means? More time to edit and take pictures and less hassle . Lasted version is pretty cool so it's worth a try isn't it?

Other features

Besides that amazing gallery management feature"Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" has other advantages . With Envira Gallery Elementor Addon you can create custom layouts for your image and video galleries. Also if you like to have everything well organized like me you can classify your galleries tag them and even add their descriptions . Not easy

Examples of possible uses ‍♀️

You can use the Envira Gallery Elementor Addon to build a photo gallery of your last vacation at the beach for example . Or if you are into photography professionally you can use it to present your work to clientele. And how about a gallery of your favorite recipes with photos of the ready-made dishes . The possibilities are endless don't you think?

List of features

  • Create edit and sync galleries directly in Elementor.
  • Make custom gallery layouts
  • Categorize and tag galleries
  • Add descriptions to galleries

User feedback .

I've heard that many users are happy with Envira Gallery Elementor Addon. I think it's because it simplifies the process of creating galleries and leaves us more time for design and creativity . But it's always useful to have a look at the reviews on the official website (here) before trying something new .

Possible use of in combination with other Wordpress Plugins or Themes .

From what I have seen "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" seems to combine well with other Wordpress plugins like WooCommerce for those who have an online store or Yoast SEO if you are looking at improving your SEO . Regarding Divi and Astra themes are compatible and work well with Elementor so they can be a good option to use with Envira Gallery Elementor Addon.

GPL alternatives similar to "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon"

If "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" doesn't convince you and you want to try other alternatives. There are similar options such as Nex-Forms or Master Slider that also have many features and are licensed under GPL ‍♀️.

My opinion of Festinger Vault

I believe that Festinger Vault is one of the largest repositories for downloading Plugins, Themes and addons for Elementor Pro. They also have a plugin that allows you to install them directly from your "Dashboard". So when we want to try a plugin, or unfortunately can´t afford to pay the developer´s asking price, we buy it from Festinger Vault. If you need an update you can ask for it in their forum, or if you have any problem with the activation they also help you.

As we are affiliates, if you visit their website through one of our links, a part of your money is given to us. If you still have doubts about Festinger Vault, you can read the reviews published on Trustpilot or you can also read a full review of Festinger Vault opinions.

If you can not afford the Festinger Vault price either, you can join the Festinger Club, where we share the costs of their licenses and help the planet.

Other considerations about Envira Gallery Elementor Addon 1.1.0

Let's talk about "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" and its GPL license

Do you know what "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" is It's a cool tool for Wordpress that allows you to create, edit and sync your image and video galleries directly from the Elementor page builder No hassle and no time wasted Really, it's super cool .

Ah yes, if you have enough money you better be able to buy it directly from the author. You'll get technical support and besides, you'll be contributing to keep updating it Imagine, it's like supporting your fav singer everybody wins .

Possible problems with "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" and solutions ❤

Surely it has happened to you that you have used something for the first time and you have had some doubts But don't worry, "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" is a very stable tool and if you have any problem you can always contact the technical support if you have purchased the GPL license ☝️ That's right! The little problems are quite normal

Do you want to know a little more about the author ?

Just go to his page here to learn more Really, he looks great and everything seems to indicate that he knows a lot about what he does

About other Plugins, Themes or Addons from the same author.

This same author has other plugins or themes just as cool for Wordpress as "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" You can explore all of this on his website, I promise it's super interesting +1

What is Wordpress? Its history and alternatives?

Wordpress is a platform used by many to create websites of all kinds It started in 2003 and since then it hasn't stopped growing There are alternatives like Joomla or Drupal, but Wordpress is still the undisputed leader

Beware of "NULLED" or pirated Plugins and Themes ‍☠️

This add-on "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" is not pirated or NULLED¡ And the truth, I do not recommend you to use pirated versions, they always end up bringing problems ‍

How to download free Plugins, or GPL Themes

Hey, if you subscribe to the Festinger Club you can download for free "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon " version 1.1.0 and you will also be helping the planet because the benefits are dedicated to environmental projects Incredible, isn't it?

Concluding about "Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" .

" Envira Gallery Elementor Addon" is a top tool for Wordpress where you can manage your image and video galleries in a super practical and easy way. Remember to support the author if possible and don't hesitate to explore all the possibilities that his website offers you. I recommend it, you will like it ❤️

Download Envira Gallery Elementor Addon 1.1.0

These are the three download options we recommend:

Option 1. From the Autor´s Website

  • More expensive.
  • But they give you technical support.
  • And with your money you support their development and updates.

Option 2. From the Festinger Vault Website:

  • GPL without support.
  • Intermediate price.
  • With your money you help them to continue collecting GPL Plugins and Themes.
  • Festinger Vault give us a part of the money (we are affiliated).

Option 3. From Festinger Club (this website):

  • Cheaper, but with the same quality.
  • We share costs and you support environmental projects.
  • See Festinger Club Pricing.
💰 $1.50 USD
(1,50 € approx.)*
* The price also includes the download of 25,000 more Plugins and Themes.

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