WP Sheet Editor

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el precio tambien incluye la descarga de 25.000 complementos y temas más y ayuda al Planeta 😀🐬🌳

WP Sheet Editor – Taxonomy Terms Pro 1.7.15

1. Download “WP Sheet Editor – Taxonomy Terms Pro” GPL allows you to quickly update a lot of product categories tags and attributes. Add a description or upload an image to hundreds of categories at once. Move hundreds of categories from one parent category to another. You can also create category tags product attributes quickly in multiple ways: You can write the info in the sheet quickly. You can import a file from your wholesaler supplier dropshipper. You can copy paste info from Excel. You can copy paste the list of categories from other websites.

WP Sheet Editor Post Types 2.25.2

Download "WP Sheet Editor Post Types" GPL allows you editing Posts Pages and Custom Post Types in Wordpress is very difficult. You need to open a lot of pages make a lot of clicks and it takes a lot of time.