Perfmatters 2.2.4

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Descargar "Perfmatters" GPL le permite aumentar la velocidad de su sitio web WordPress. Tiene características exclusivas como preconnect CDN rewrite multisite support etc. También es compatible con WooCommerce.
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Perfmatters 2.2.4

descripción original de Perfmatters 2.2.4

Perfmatters es un rendimiento de WordPress muy ligero plugin que puede aumentar la velocidad de sus sitios web de WordPress en gran medida. Tiene un montón de características exclusivas como preconnect CDN reescritura Multisite Multisite apoyo, etc. También tiene soporte para WooCommerce.

Revisión de Perfmatters 2.2.4

💡Everything I know about "Perfmatters" and its latest version🚀

👋Hello there. I'm sorry to tell you that I can't give you up-to-the-minute information about the "Perfmatters"😔 plugin because I don't have the latest version😮. However I know a lot about it😉. Mind-blowing💡 isn't it❓ "Perfmatters" is like a speed wizard ⚡ for WordPress websites. Who wouldn't want it❓😍It's all very ligero❗️ Even lighter than a pluma🕊️ I wonder sometimes how amazing that🤔💭 is🤔💭.

And not only that. It also has a lot of nice and unique features like preconnect CDN rewrite and Multisite🎉 support. Did you know it's also WooCommerce compatible? Well now you know 😉. You can learn more about it by visiting their website here📲😊.

😯Other impressive features🌟

From the outside "Perfmatters" may look like a simple plugin but dentro❗️hay a lot of surprises of powerful hidden features waiting for you to discover✨💖. As main things I want to mention here are:

  • Perfmatters takes care of optimizing databases🔍🗃️👌.
  • It allows to disable scripts on a per page basis🌐📝🔄.
  • Has a JavaScript delay feature - isn't it mind-blowing❓🎈
  • It helps in deferred loading of scripts 😁.

But that's not todo❗️ It has a lot more. I think I'll leave it for you to discover for yourself. Sounds exciting doesn't it❓🎊🎉.

💼Examples of possible uses.

👉"Perfmatters" is as versatile as a Swiss knife🔪. There are many ways to use it. For example we can use it to make our WordPress websites run faster than light⚡ Are you thinking of opening an online store with WooCommerce❓"Perfmatters" has support for that too😉. Let's go. And let the fun begin.💖🎊

👍User feedback.

Sorry💔 but I don't have the idea of the number of downloads nor do I have the ratings and user feedback😔. But I'm sure they are great.❗️👍👏

🔧Possible to use in combination with other WordPress Plugins or Themes.

👏Along with "Perfmatters" some other plugins like Yoast SEO Contact Form 7 Jetpack can also be of great help to optimize your website😮👌. Moreover you can combine it with fast and lightweight WordPress themes like Astra and GeneratePress to get the maximum performance💪🔥

🔄GPL alternatives similar to "Perfmatters".

In the same spirit of speed optimization🚀 you can also find other plugins like W3 Total Cache and Autoptimize❗️ Decent alternatives to "Perfmatters"😉🔁 can be considered.

Mi opinión sobre Festinger Vault

Creo que Festinger Vault es uno de los mayores repositorios para descargar Plugins, Temas y addons para Elementor Pro. También tienen un plugin que te permite instalarlos directamente desde tu "Dashboard". Así que cuando queremos probar un plugin, o por desgracia no podemos permitirnos pagar el precio que pide el desarrollador, lo compramos en Festinger Vault. Si necesitas una actualización puedes pedirla en su foro, o si tienes algún problema con la activación también te ayudan.

Como somos afiliados, si visitas su web a través de uno de nuestros enlaces, una parte de tu dinero es para nosotros. Si aún tienes dudas sobre Festinger Vault, puedes leer las reseñas publicadas en Trustpilot o también puedes leer una reseña completa de Festinger Vault opiniones..

Si tampoco puedes permitirte el precio de Festinger Vault, puedes unirte al Club Festinger, donde compartimos los costes de sus licencias y ayudamos al planeta.

Otras consideraciones sobre Perfmatters 2.2.4

What's cool about "Perfmatters" and its GPL license

We're all walking around at home 🏡 looking for a plugin that will make us fly in our WordPress corner. And guess what? I found one that looks like a Charlie's Angel 😇. "Perfmatters" is its name and it's so light it looks like it floats. It works flat out and gives the blog that touch of speed 💨 that we all chase. It has some super cool features like preconnect and CDN rewrite. And it even supports WooCommerce. 🛍 In short it's kind of all-rounder 🚜.

And you know what else I liked about Perfmatters? Well, it respects the GPL license 📜. That means that you can use it without problems as long as the rights of its authors are recognized. It's cool because this way we respect their work💼 and help them to keep updating it. Also if you can afford to buy it from the author is a great detail 🎁 because they will give you technical support when you need it 🛠️. Here I write down their website for you to take a look:

Some things to keep in mind with "Perfmatters" 😏

Occasionally problems can arise as in all valuable things in life 🧩. However it is usually easy to find solutions to the possible messes that "Perfmatters" can give 🧐.

A little bit about the creator of "Perfmatters".

The ace behind "Perfmatters" can be found at Take a look at his work and you'll be surprised how much he knows about these WordPress stuff. There are people for everything...🤔.

More surprises and tidbits for our WordPress

The author of "Perfmatters" has to his credit more than one Plugin. So if you like what he offers you may like his other options 😎 The world of Plugins and Addons is very generous in options. There's that 😉

What is this WordPress stuff?

WordPress is the atration of blogs and websites 💻. It's been a long time since it was invented in 2003. And you have to believe me it's the king of the jungle. 🦁

"Perfmatters": from legal nothing unusual in sight.

First of all no pirated or weird stuff. "Perfmatters" is neither pirated nor NULLED. It is not a good idea to use NULLED versions. Relying on official stuff is always better because it saves you from surprises 😱.

Get "Perfmatters" and help the planet at the same time.

Did you know you can get "Perfmatters" for free and rest assured it's not pirated? By subscribing to the Festinger Club Festinger Club you can download the latest version of "Perfmatters" and you are also helping the planet because the profits are dedicated to environmental projects 🌲🌏 Super top right?

What I think of "Perfmatters".

"Perfmatters has been a pleasant surprise 😄. I really like that it's lightweight and functional. Really if you have a WordPress site don't hesitate to try it. You know I give my word of honor 😉.

Descargar Perfmatters 2.2.4

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Opción 1. Desde el sitio web del autor

  • Más caro.
  • Pero te dan soporte técnico.
  • Y con tu dinero apoyas su desarrollo y actualizaciones.

Opción 2. Desde el sitio web de Festinger Vault:

  • GPL sin soporte.
  • Precio intermedio.
  • Con tu dinero les ayudas a seguir recopilando plugins y temas GPL.
  • Festinger Vault danos una parte del dinero (estamos afiliados).

Opción 3. Del Club Festinger (este sitio web):

  • Más barato, pero con la misma calidad.
  • Compartimos costes y tú apoyas proyectos medioambientales.
  • Consulte Precios del Club Festinger..
💰 $1,50 USD
(1,50 € aprox.)*
* El precio también incluye la descarga de 25.000 plugins y temas más.

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