Festinger Vault Opinion

In this article we will try to give you our opinion about Festinger Vault, based on our own experience, and on what we have seen in forums and review sites like Truspilot.

Festinger Vault Opinion

What are our opinions about Festinger Vault?

Simply: We not only use it, but also we recommend Festinger Vault.

Do we always use Festinger Vault?

Not in all cases. We prefer to purchase licenses for some plugins and themes under certain conditions:

1. Personalised support:

When we need quick responses and technical support, we opt for licenses that guarantee immediate attention. For example, we couldn’t live without the incredible and unbeatable technical support of Generatepress and Generateblocks.

2. Economic Fit:

In projects with a good budget or that generate income, we choose licences if they fit the financial needs, although this is not always possible when working with small associations, such as animal shelters, student associations, etc.

3. Contribution to Development:

We value the effort of the developers and, being smart or selfish, paying the developers guarantees that the plugin or theme will continue to be developed and new updates will be released. If the developers don’t get paid enough, they will move on to something else and bye-bye to the plugin… and then the end of WordPress will come. So although our opinion of Festinger Vault is very good, it is always a second choice for us.

For everything else, and especially for testing new plugins and themes, our opinion on Festinger Vault is clear: it is the best platform for downloading GPL Worpress plugins and themes.

Festinger Vault Opinion

Is legal downloading GPL WordPress plugins and themes?

If you’re not familiar with the WordPress GPL plugin and theme download platform, here’s a brief explanation:

Paid or Premium WordPress plugins and themes are GPL licenced, what means that they can be distributed, resold, etc., but they do not include technical support from the developer.

For this reason, there are numerous resale websites, but our opinion is that Festinger Vault is the most complete of them all.

What is so special about Festinger Vault?

First of all:

1. It is the world’s largest repository.


2. They update to the latest versions pretty quickly.

They also:

3. Handle requests for updates.


4. They scan files to make sure they don’t carry “viruses”.

And best of all:

5. They have their own plugin, which you install on your WordPress and allows you to install plugins and themes directly on your website.

Festinger Vault Opinion

And the most striking thing:

6. This plugin also allows you to automatically update plugins and themes!

Festinger Vault Opinion

If you are already convinced visit the Festinger Vault website via this affiliate link and get a FREE TRIAL, or read on to find out how to get a lower price with the Festinger Club.

Festinger Club is a Festinger Vault affiliate member

We want to be transparent with you: we are affiliated with Festinger Vault If you decide to visit the Festinger Vault website through our links and eventually make a purchase from them, we will receive a small commission.

What is the Festinger Club membership?

In addition, we are licensed for reselling the Festinger Vault plugins and themes, which allows us to share the costs associated with plugins and themes obtained from their platform.

So, we offer you the option to join our Festinger Club, where we share the costs associated with Festinger Vault.

If you want, you can read more about us and the Festinger Club , or see our Festinger Club Pricing.

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You’ve come to the right place If you’re looking for reviews of Festinger Vault and its vast offering of 25,000 WordPress plugins and themes. This detailed review will shed light on what you can expect when you dive into this vast digital treasure trove.

Discover the Diversity of Festinger Vault:

Reviews of Festinger Vault highlight its vast collection of plugins and themes that exceed an impressive 25,000. Is this digital storehouse the answer to your WordPress needs? Join us on this journey to find out.

Simplicity and Transparency:

Reviews on Festinger Vault highlight its origin in simplicity and transparency. This marketplace was born out of the frustration of paying exorbitant sums for plugins and modules, seeking to provide WordPress resources accessible to all.

Affordable Pricing and Access to a Digital Treasure:

Festinger Vault reviews highlight the affordable accessibility to a library that could cost up to thousands of coins if resources were purchased separately.

Constant Growth and User Experience:

Festinger Vault reviews reveal that the resource library does not stagnate. On the contrary it is constantly growing. The user experience remains fresh and relevant with thousands of websites already benefiting

Security and Assurance:

According to feedbacks, security is a priority at Festinger Vault. All resources are GPL licensed and automatic updates and one-click installation provide a hassle-free experience.

Personal Opinion and Conclusion:

In our experience Festinger Vault is the best choice for those looking for a repository of GPL WordPress plugins and themes. They have an attentive team ready to provide you with new updates and help with licensing issues.

They have a free trial option for “bronze level” Plugins and Themes.