Autonami Marketing Automations Pro 2.0.2

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Загрузите «Autonami Marketing Automations Pro». Лицензия GPL позволяет вам запускать автоматические кампании и отправлять SMS, а также получать подробные отчеты и многое другое!
Autonami Marketing Automations Pro
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2. From
Festinger Vault
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3. От
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💰 только $1,50 доллара США
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Цена также включает загрузку еще 25 000 плагинов и тем и помогает Планете 😀🐬🌳
Autonami Marketing Automations Pro 2.0.2

Оригинальное описание Autonami Marketing Automations Pro 2.0.2

Drive growth with hyper-targeted automated & broadcast campaigns send SMS's get in-depth reports plus more with Autonami.

Обзор Autonami Marketing Automations Pro 2.0.2

Discovering "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro".

Today we are going to discover everything about the fantastic "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" Plugin . Lastest version for Wordpress is great and I'm going to tell you why . Now what exactly is this Plugin, you may ask? Well "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" allows us to develop super-targeted automatic and broadcast marketing campaigns . It also allows us to send SMS and provides us with super detailed reports ❤. But don't worry this is just the beginning . Here I leave you the link to the author's website so you can see with your own eyes everything you can get: Mega cool link

Secondary functions

Every time you discover a lot of new things about a Plugin like "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" it's great. But the best thing is that this is just the tip of the iceberg There are a lot of cool secondary features! In fact "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" is able to interact with many other Wordpress Plugins Isn't it cool?

How you could use it

Now how can you get the most out of "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro"? Well there are many ways to use it. Imagine creating super effective marketing campaigns that are custom designed according to each visitor to your website . Or how about sending SMS to your customers to keep them informed of the latest news on your website . Do you miss having detailed reports that would allow you to improve your spectacular marketing campaigns? Well, with "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" you can stop worrying about it .

Phenomenal features of "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro".

  • -Automated and super targeted broadcast marketing campaigns .
  • -SMS sending .
  • -Detailed reports .
  • -Compatibility with other Wordpress Plugins .

What do others think about "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro"?

Sorry guys but I don't have exact information about "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" downloads and reviews . But I promise you that next time we have a chat about this Plugin, I will provide you with this juicy data .

Using "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" with other Plugins

"Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" is like that cool friend who gets along with everyone ❤. It is compatible with a wide variety of Wordpress Plugins which will open up a thousand possibilities on your website. Some of the real names of other Wordpress Plugins you might be familiar with are "Contact Form 7" "WooCommerce" or "Yoast SEO" .

It doesn't end here. Alternatives similar to "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro".

Not always "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" is going to be the ideal solution for everyone. Sometimes you might need something a little different ‍♀️. But don't worry there are many alternatives similar to "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro". Some real examples of other Wordpress Plugins can be "MailerLite" or "MailChimp" itself . So you know if you feel that "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" doesn't quite fit with you you can always try these alternatives .

Мое мнение о Festinger Vault

Я считаю, что Festinger Vault — один из крупнейших репозиториев для загрузки плагинов, тем и дополнений для Elementor Pro. У них также есть plugin, который позволяет вам устанавливать их прямо с «панели управления». Поэтому, когда мы хотим попробовать plugin или, к сожалению, не можем позволить себе заплатить запрашиваемую разработчиком цену, мы покупаем его у Festinger Vault. Если вам нужно обновление, вы можете запросить его на их форуме, или если у вас возникнут проблемы с активацией, они также вам помогут.

Поскольку мы являемся филиалами, если вы посетите их сайт по одной из наших ссылок, часть ваших денег будет передана нам. Если у вас все еще есть сомнения по поводу Festinger Vault, вы можете прочитать обзоры, опубликованные на Trustpilot , или вы также можете прочитать полный обзор мнений Festinger Vault.

Если вы также не можете позволить себе цену Festinger Vault, вы можете присоединиться к клубу Festinger , где мы разделим расходы на их лицензии и поможем планете.

Другие соображения по поводу Autonami Marketing Automations Pro 2.0.2

What you should know about the GPL license of "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro".

The GPL license, which stands for General Public License, is what regulates pretty much everything in WordPress . But what does it mean for "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro?" Well, it means that plugins with this license give you the right to use, distribute and modify the software as you see fit . The "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" also has this license, which means you can use and modify it without any problem . Although it will always be convenient if you have the means, that you buy the official version from the author's website here. This way you help to keep updating and improving it, plus you get first hand technical support .

Problems you might face with "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" and how to fix them.

I don't have any information yet about problems you might encounter with "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro", but if there are, you will most likely find the solution on the author's website . If not, you can always search on Google, which never fails . But, remember, if you buy the plugin through his website, you will get direct technical support from the author .

A little about the author

The creator of "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" has a website full of other plugins and useful information . You can see it here and take a look at his work ️‍♀️.

Other plugins by the same author that might interest you.

"Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" is not the only plugin this author has created, he has like more others on his official website . Maybe you will find the one you need for your site .

What is WordPress and are there alternatives?

WordPress is a very popular platform for creating and managing websites ️. It started in 2003 as a simple blogging tool but today it is much more than that . With WordPress you can create almost any type of website . From blogs to online stores, WordPress has it all . But if you're not convinced, you have alternatives like Joomla, Drupal or Wix .

Do not use NULLED or pirated plugins or themes.

This plugin or theme is not pirated or NULLED, and I advise you not to use pirated versions. They may contain malicious code that puts your website and your data at risk .

How to download free plugins, or GPL themes from Festinger Club

You can subscribe to Festinger Club and download "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" version 2.0.2 for free. In addition, you will be helping the planet, as part of the profits are dedicated to environmental projects .

Finally, a summary of "Autonami Marketing Automations Pro".

"Autonami Marketing Automations Pro" is a very useful tool if you need to automate and customize your WordPress marketing campaigns . With this plugin you can send segmented campaigns, send SMS and get detailed reports . Moreover, it is secure, up-to-date and the author offers technical support . You can download it through Festinger Club and help the planet or you can buy it directly from the author's website.

Скачать Autonami Marketing Automations Pro 2.0.2

Мы рекомендуем три варианта загрузки :

Вариант 1. С сайта автора.

  • Более дорогой .
  • Но они оказывают вам техническую поддержку.
  • И своими деньгами вы поддерживаете их развитие и обновления.

Вариант 2. С сайта Festinger Vault:

  • GPL без поддержки.
  • Средняя цена.
  • Своими деньгами вы помогаете им продолжать собирать плагины и темы GPL .
  • Festinger Vault отдайте нам часть денег (мы аффилированные лица).

Вариант 3. Из Клуба Festinger (этот сайт):

  • Дешевле , но с таким же качеством.
  • Мы разделяем расходы, а вы поддерживаете экологические проекты .
  • См. раздел «Цены на клуб Festinger ».
💰 $1,50 доллара США
(около 1,50 € ) *
* Цена также включает загрузку еще 25 000 плагинов и тем.

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