Kiranime – Anime Streaming WordPress Theme 1.4.0

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Download "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" GPL allows you to create an anime series/movie streaming site on WordPress. With essential features and easy customization. Enjoy anime online with this super cool theme.
Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme
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2. From
Festinger Vault
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Цена также включает загрузку еще 25 000 плагинов и тем и помогает Планете 😀🐬🌳
Kiranime – Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme 1.4.0

Оригинальное описание Kiranime – Anime Streaming WordPress Theme 1.4.0

Kiranime is Anime series/movie streaming theme for WordPress. Packed with essential features for making your streaming site. Built using Tailwind CSS and VUEJS.Features: Landing pages/homepage home* Translation support. currently only Indonesian is supported. Spotlight slider Trending slider Featured anime Latest update by anime (free) or episode* Enable/disable homepage section* Popular and genres widget Character and VA list* Episode list on anime info page* Responsive Tooltip (enable/disable on Pro version) A-Z anime list User account User Watchlist/watching User notification on new episode Import from MAL** Download list and download fields Anime getter Bulk anime getter* Bulk episode getter* Using Kirki framewok for easy customization* Streaming by embed code or url to video

Обзор Kiranime – Anime Streaming WordPress Theme 1.4.0

Super cool stuff from "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme".

Today I want to talk about a spectacular theme I found for WordPress which is perfect for anime lovers 🥰. It's called "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" which is a theme for streaming anime series or movies 👾🎞️. It has a lot of fabulous features 🌈. No joke 😝. It supports translation which is great although at this time it only supports Indonesian language 🇮🇩. It has everything from a trending slider to a Spotlight slider 🌠📽️. You can also disable or enable sections of the home page to your liking 🏠💡 How cool is that right? 🌝. And that's not all you can explore more details on the author's page.

Cool extras

"Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" comes with a bunch of super useful widgets like from popular genres and featured anime 😏. It also has a huge list of characters and voice cast ☺️🎙️. I assure you that every anime info page will have a list of episodes 📃💽. Apart from all that you can even get a streaming code or url 👀💻. And yes of course users can create their own accounts and have their watchlist 😎. I think the coolest part is that users can even get notifications of new episodes 👏📲. Not to be outdone.

Some brilliant ideas 😇

Imagine an anime fan who wants to share his love for anime with the world 🌎. "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" would be the perfect choice for someone like that to build their own anime website 🙌💻. It could also be a great option for someone who is interested in creating a discussion community 🗣️💬. Because I know how exciting it can be when all your friends understand your anime references 🥳. You can even share Indonesian subtitles for anime 📘. Wow. I'm already excited ⭐.

The surprises that "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" brings 👀.

  • Slider Spotlight 😎
  • Trending Slider 🕶️
  • Anime Featured 🥳
  • Translation Support (Indonesian) 🇮🇩
  • Anime A-Z List 📜
  • User Account 😍
  • Watchlist 📝
  • Notifications for New Episodes 💌
  • Getting Anime in Bulk 👾
  • Streaming by url or code 📺

What's the word out there? 🤔

I'm really sorry I don't have concrete data about reviews or downloads 💔. But believe me "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" is really cool 😋. Anyway I promise to do more research about it next time 💁‍♀️.

It works well with others too 🤗.

You can use "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" along with other cool plugins like Jetpack 👍 Yoast SEO 👩‍💻 or Contact Form 7 💌 to add more functionality to your website 😌.

And you'll love it for sure....

"VideoPro - Video WordPress Theme" and "AniMixPlay - Anime Streaming" are also among some GPL alternatives you might like 😉🕹️. Yes folks "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" is not the only fish in the sea 👏.

Мое мнение о Festinger Vault

Я считаю, что Festinger Vault — один из крупнейших репозиториев для загрузки плагинов, тем и дополнений для Elementor Pro. У них также есть plugin, который позволяет вам устанавливать их прямо с «панели управления». Поэтому, когда мы хотим попробовать plugin или, к сожалению, не можем позволить себе заплатить запрашиваемую разработчиком цену, мы покупаем его у Festinger Vault. Если вам нужно обновление, вы можете запросить его на их форуме, или если у вас возникнут проблемы с активацией, они также вам помогут.

Поскольку мы являемся филиалами, если вы посетите их сайт по одной из наших ссылок, часть ваших денег будет передана нам. Если у вас все еще есть сомнения по поводу Festinger Vault, вы можете прочитать обзоры, опубликованные на Trustpilot , или вы также можете прочитать полный обзор мнений Festinger Vault.

Если вы также не можете позволить себе цену Festinger Vault, вы можете присоединиться к клубу Festinger , где мы разделим расходы на их лицензии и поможем планете.

Другие соображения по поводу Kiranime – Anime Streaming WordPress Theme 1.4.0

Everything you need to know about "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme".

So you are here because you want to know more about "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" right? 🤓 This amazing wordpress theme is designed for anime streaming 😮 It's packed with all the features you need to create your streaming site 😊 You can create anime lists see the latest anime updates and even receive notifications of new episodes 🍿.

It's very easy to customize thanks to Kirki framework 🎨 So if you don't like something you can easily change it 👌 And best of all it's responsive so it looks great on all devices 😎

It's always better to support the author of "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme".

If you have some money saved it is always better to buy "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" from the author 😇 He will give you technical support and you will help to keep it updated 💻 It is also GPL licensed which means you can use it modify and distribute it 🌍.

Have you encountered some problems with "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme"?

Don't worry if you've had some setbacks 😟 I've heard that sometimes there can be problems with the functionality of the anime listings 😕 But you can look for help online in support forums or even on YouTube 👍 In most cases you'll be able to solve any problems you encounter 😉

Want to know more about the author of "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme"?

Well well you can visit his website here 😊 You'll be able to see all the other amazing wordpress themes and plugins he has created 🏆

"Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme is perfect for use with Wordpress 🥰"

Wordpress is an amazing platform to create your own website 😍 "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" makes it even better for anime streaming sites 🏅 But if for some reason Wordpress is not for you don't worry there are plenty of other alternatives like Joomla and Drupal 🎯

Never use pirated versions of "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme".

This plugin or theme "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" is not pirated and is not NULLED 😒 In fact it is a bad idea to use NULLED or pirated versions 😲 They may contain malware that can damage your site and you will not receive support from the author 😣.

Do you want to get "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" for free?

You can subscribe to the Festinger Club here 🌟 You will be able to download for free "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" and you will also help the Planet because the profits are dedicated to environmental projects 🌱.

Summary of everything we've talked about "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme".

In summary "Kiranime - Anime Streaming Wordpress Theme" is a great theme for Wordpress if you are planning to create an anime streaming site 🍥 It's easy to use and customize and comes with many useful features 💌 If you have any problems along the way there is plenty of help available online 🤗

Скачать Kiranime – Anime Streaming WordPress Theme 1.4.0

Мы рекомендуем три варианта загрузки :

Вариант 1. С сайта автора.

  • Более дорогой .
  • Но они оказывают вам техническую поддержку.
  • И своими деньгами вы поддерживаете их развитие и обновления.

Вариант 2. С сайта Festinger Vault:

  • GPL без поддержки.
  • Средняя цена.
  • Своими деньгами вы помогаете им продолжать собирать плагины и темы GPL .
  • Festinger Vault отдайте нам часть денег (мы аффилированные лица).

Вариант 3. Из Клуба Festinger (этот сайт):

  • Дешевле , но с таким же качеством.
  • Мы разделяем расходы, а вы поддерживаете экологические проекты .
  • См. раздел «Цены на клуб Festinger ».
💰 $1,50 доллара США
(около 1,50 € ) *
* Цена также включает загрузку еще 25 000 плагинов и тем.

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