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FacetWP Alphabet Add-On 1.3.9

Download "FacetWP Alphabet Add-On" GPL allows you display a list of available letters. Click on a letter to show results starting with that letter.

FacetWP Time Since Addon 1.7.1

Download "FacetWP Time Since Addon" GPL allows you filter posts by date / time since a specified interval. Great for organizing content by time passed.

FacetWP Submit button 0.7.3

Download "FacetWP Submit button" GPL allows you add a submit button that redirects to a separate results page. Great for organizing your content.

FacetWP Caching 1.7

Download “FacetWP Caching” GPL allows you to make FacetWP-powered pages load quicker by caching FacetWP-specific AJAX requests in the database. The Caching add-on can help speed up high-traffic pages with commonly used facet combinations because it prevents FacetWP from having to calculate the choices for each facet on each page load.

FacetWP Color 1.6.1

Download “FacetWP Color” GPL allows you. The Color facet type filters posts or products by color. The facet creates clickable rectangular color swatches from color values in Data source field.

FacetWP Custom Hooks 1.0.0

Download ‘FacetWP Custom Hooks’ GPL allows you. PHP based code examples in documentation are hooks for your theme's functions.php. Don't worry about theme updates.

FacetWP Flatsome 0.4.5

Download “FacetWP Flatsome” GPL allows you integrate with popular WooCommerce theme Flatsome easily with few steps.

FacetWP Mobile Flyout 0.8.1

Download "FacetWP Mobile Flyout" GPL allows you generate a flyout sidebar which can help with mobile support. Easy and convenient for your Wordpress site.